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Himalayan Berry Juice (1litre)

As per local people of Leh, Sanjivani Booti (Herb) taken by Shri Hanuman ji is Himalayan Berry. Himalayan Berry is also known as Sea Buckthorn fruit or Sanjivani Booti (Herb). Himalayan Berry ( Sanjivani Herb) is found amongst thorny bushes near Sindhu River in Leh where the temperature goes up to (-) 40 degree celsius and the oxygen level remain quite low. God has created Sanjivani Herb with plentiful oxygen so that people may meet out their oxygen requirements. Himalayan Berry contains anti ageing, anti oxidant properties which may be defined as anti diseases properties. It is a powerhouse of oxygen, vitamins especially vitamin c and minerals. There is 4 to 100 times more Vitamin C in Himalayan Berry as compared to any fruit or vegetable. That's why it is considered as the biggest source of Vitamin C. As Compared to Indian Gooseberry, Himalayan Berry contains 20 times more Vitamin C. It is filled with more than 400 nutrients like Vitamin C, A, E, B1, B2 and various minerals & amino acids. It is beneficial for people of every age group. This juice helps in keeping healthy, active & alert and a long-lived person. In real sense, Himalayan Berry is a Super Fruit. It helps keep the mental, physical and sexual weaknesses away. It also helps fight various health ailments relating to liver, heart, obesity, blood pressure and diabetes.

Himalayan Berry
Take 30ml of Himalayan Berry Juice in 250ml of water daily in the morning or take it as directed by the physician. Avoid using it before sleep.
Rich in nutrients, it helps boost your overall health. Helps protect the liver and heart from various complications. Supports in eradicating mental, physical and sexual weakness. Helps prevent various health ailments like cold, obesity, blood pressure, breathing disorders etc.