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Herbal Urinorm Syrup (200 Ml)

Extremely useful in releasing Vrikkashmari (Renal Stone) and in Mutrakriksha (Retention of Urine), this product can help you relieve various urinary problems and reduce the risk of reoccurrence. Furthermore, it helps in the spontaneous passage of calculi and exhibits marked anti-calcifying activities. Helps to get relief from UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) complexities.

Aloe Vera, SudhShilajit, Gokhru and Kakdi.
Take 10ml in the morning and evening with lukewarm water or use as directed by the physician. Take a dose immediately in case of severe pain.
Helps relieve from UTI and various other complications associated with it like pain, burning micturition, and hematuria. Extremely useful in Vrikkashmari (Renal Stone) and Mutrakriksha (Retention of Urine). Helps in the spontaneous passing of calculi.