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Truknight Power Tablets (1000 Mg)

Truknight Power Tablets are genuine and tested tablets, which are made with natural as well as essential herbs known to heal various sexual dysfunctions, improve semen quality, and bring back the sexual ability to pleasure, desire, and fertility. Its natural ingredients like shilajit, ashwagandha, safedmusli, aloe vera, shatavari, akarkara, etc. are all known to drive away various energy issues, lethargy, skin allergies. This product aids in boosting vigor and vitality.

Shilajeet, Ashwagandha, SafedMusli and Shatavari.
Take one tablet after breakfast with milk and take one tablet before sleeping. Blood, sugar and heart patients to take it with skimmed milk. It is safe and has no side effects even if taken for a long duration. It doesn't contain any of the intoxicating, poisonous or narcotic substances. Or, use it as suggested by the physician.
Supports in revitalizing sexual life, confidence, and performance and cures any sexual inabilities. Helps in getting relief from various body aches, physical and mental weakness, boosts immunity, power, force and working capacity. Effective in any of weakness; due to excessive discharge, headache, early ageing, diabetes, chronic disease, vertigo, under eyes dark circle, anemia, numbness of hands and feet.