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Herbal Gomutra (1litre)

Gomutra is a natural panacea for all diseases and sound health. It is natural anti-septic, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic. According to Vedas, It is the key to keep infectious diseases, mental and physical disorders and toxins away. It helps detoxifiy liver and kidney. It is enriched with numerous Minerals, Vitamins, Uric Acid, Hormone etc. Blended with Tulsi and Elaichi, IMC has brought in Herbal Gomutra in order to provide holistic healthy lifestyle.

Goumutra, Tulsi, and Elaichi
Take 30ml Herbal Gomutra in 50ml water twice daily. Consume the mixture in the morning (empty stomach). Consume the mixture in the evening (before dinner).
Helps fight various ailments. It is helpful for people suffering from Jaundice etc. It helps enhance the immune system. Brings positivity in life.