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Lungskare Syrup (200 Ml)

Useful in symptoms of T.B., In swelling of respiratory track, in wet and dry cough and useful in asthma. Also, it is helpful in providing relief to lungs against damage caused by toxins. Gives a soothing effect to lungs. The immune system will typically be able to clear a viral lung infection over time with Lungskare.

Mulethi ext., Tulsi ext., Triphala ext., Haldi ext., Dalchini ext., Manjistha ext., Draksha ext., Talispatra ext. and Tagar ext.
Take 10 ml thrice daily or as directed by the Physician.
Lungs Kare Syrup gives energy to lungs and provides relief to respiratory system. It helps in detoxifying the lungs and keeping the infections at bay.