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Imc Elaichi Amrit (With Saunf) -15 Ml

Elaichi Amrit is an amazing duo of Elaichi and Saunf. Making it a part of everyday health practice may help you feel active and energetic. It also acts as a good mouth freshener. This amazing product helps in relieving from acidity, cough and cold. It also helps in preventing menstrual spasms. It may support in weight management and detoxifying the body.

Elaichi and Saunf
Add 2 drops of Elaichi Amrit in a glass of water, milk, tea or lassi. Stir and mix the solution. Consume it for a better digestion. Or, take it as directed by the physician.
Works as a mouth freshener. Helps detoxify the body. Helps relieve acidity and indigestion. Helps improve blood circulation and prevent spasms.