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Gas Away Churan (100 Gm)

Having gas can be really irritating. It deteriorates the stomach and mood, owing to its overwhelming affects. And, pain is an added cruel cherry on top of this stomach problem. Keeping this in mind, IMC has brought in Gas Away Churan, which has the power to help get rid of stomach gas. Apart from giving relief from gas, it is also helpful in flatulence, gastric dysfunction and abdominal distension. It is an organic Ayurvedic product, fortified with the benefits of natural plants and herbs, which can take care of your overall stomach health. This tasty digestive aid improves the digestive system and helps increase the appetite to have an improved stomach and mood.

Ajwain, Harad, Kali Mirch and Krishna Jeerak.
Take 3-5 gm after every meal with warm water. Take a dose in case of an emergency. Should not be taken by diabetics or as directed by the physician.
Helps improve digestive health. Useful in flatulence, gastric dysfunction and abdominal distension. Helps improve appetite and prevent bloating. Ensures a better stomach health.