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Bal Shakti Tonic (250 Ml)

Kids at all ages need proper nourishment and health enhancer to give them the right energy to foster their development and growth. IMC’s Herbal Bal Shakti Tonic is composed of extremely essential herbal and natural ingredients, which catalyze the development of the child’s mental and physical systems, improves concentration, brain functioning, digestions, and also helps in weight gain. Incorporate this in their everyday lives to see a sprouting change in your child.

Aloe Vera, Sankhpushpi, Brahmi and Ashwagandha

1 year and above 2-3ml (half teaspoon). 2 years and above 5ml (1 teaspoon). 6 years and above 10ml (2 teaspoons). 10 years and above 20ml (4 teaspoons).

Enhances intelligence and brain functioning. Accelerates weight gain and improves digestive system. Enhances intelligence and brain functioning. Prevents weakness, anemia, and illness.