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Hydrogel For Agriculture (1000 Gm)

Hydrogel is a natural ,non-toxic, eco-friendly, biodegradable absorbent polymer enriched with potassium. Because of its soaking capacity of water, it does not get dissolved in water and its biodegradable property does not cause pollution. It can absorb 500-600 times more water as compared to its own weight, when the crops feel like shortage of water, then the water from the granules of hydrogel infiltrates and maintains the humidity in farms.

After preparing the fields for cultivation, 3 kilogram Hydrogel should be used per acre. Store in clean & dry place away from sunlight.
Increases soil water holding capacity and improves the quality of plants. Improves crop yield especially in dry and drought conditions. Acts as mini water reservoir for plants. It may reduce the irrigation and usage of fertilizer by 30-35 percent. Reduces water evaporation from soil. Helps enhance plant growth by providing water & nutrients. Prevents dehydration of seedlings. When mixed with fertilizers, it can stably provide fertile nutrients to the roots for longer period.