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Detox Foot Patch

Detox Foot Patch is a specially designed product, which naturally cleanses your body and helps you fight various health complications. This wonder product can relieve foot fatigue, discomfort and pain of arthritis, activate cells, improve functions of vital organs, replenish vital essence, strengthen kidney, regulate blood circulation and metabolism, enhance the immune system, reduce stress and anxiety, enhance mental focus and concentration, increase sexual libido, augment quality of sleep and thus, ensures better health and longevity.

Wood Vinegar Distillate, Bamboo Vinegar Distillate, Tourmaline and Cornstarch.
Place the foot patches on the soles of the feet. Please keep your feet dry while using these patches. Preferably use these patches while sleeping at night. It can be placed on the main targeted areas of the body such as around the shoulders, ankles, elbows, knees, stomach, on the lower back, on the wrists or legs for best results. If Foot Patch turns black in colour then your health is not well. If Foot Patch turns light in colour then your health is slightly better.
Cleanses the body internally and helps fight various ailments. Removes toxic metals from the body. Regulates blood circulation and metabolism. Enhances mental focus and concentration.