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Shri Haldi Curcumin With Kesar

Shri Haldi helps in ousting toxins existing in our body. It is beneficial in common cold, influenza and cough. It reduces the probabilities of heart related ailments like high cholesterol, heart attack etc. Also helps prevent the chronic diseases like cancer. Quite beneficial in keeping the bones strong and healthy. Helps control diabetes. Its regular usage keeps the skin clean and glowing. It helps combat symptoms of ageing, wrinkles and other skin diseases. It is beneficial in enhancing immunity. Its consumption at night results into sound sleep. Consuming it on an empty stomach reduces fat which results into weight loss. It is helpful in stomach related ailments like indigestion, acidity and stomachache.

Haldi, Kesar, Dalchini and Black Pepper

Add 1-2 drops in a cup of Lukewarm milk. Take two times in morning and evening. It will keep you hale and hearty. Or use as Directed by the Physician.

It Helps control diabetes. Its constant use helps make skin flawless and glowing. It helps fight signs of aging, wrinkles and other skin related diseases. Its consumption at night may bring better and sound sleep. Consuming it empty stomach in early morning can reduce fat mass leading to weight loss. It has incredible benefits against stomach related diseases e.g. indigestion, stomach gas, stomach pain etc.