Our Brand

We are a direct selling company with a strong motive of making the world a better place to live. Ever since our inception, we’ve been tirelessly working to manufacture products that will help create a disease-free and stress-free world. Bringing back centuries old medicine system of Ayurveda, we have taken responsibility to ensure holistic healing for all.

We believe in making Ayurveda the one stop solution for holistic healing for everyone in the near future and also, empowering them with financial stability.

Our Vision

To be recognized as one of the most inspiring and dependable Direct Selling companies in the world, promoting healthy well-being and making people economically independent.

Our Mission

To help humanity thrive by enabling a healthy and wealthy living. To connect people, cultures, ideas and communities globally, and bring a positiive change in their lives.

Our Philosophy


Our philosophy is driven by our core business fundamentals: Independence, Faith, Reward, Passion, People

For Associates
With IMC your destiny is in your hands. You can change your life by owning your own IMC business.
For Customers
Independence to choose from a wide range of products in different categories.
For Employees
Independence of thought and expression are at the core of IMC.
For Associates
IMC creates an environment where you can trust them and their products, and thrive to dream big.
For Customers
State-of-the-art high quality products focused on enhancing the wealth of the customers.
For Employees
Trust in the management keeps them motivated and pushes them to do more and achieve more personally and for the company.
For Associates
IMC rewards for what the associates achieve, and also what they help others achieve.
For Customers
Good products create happy customers, and to keep quality at the core of the business has always been IMC’s objective.
For Employees
Rewarding and encouraging our employees to keep innovating and improving our products. And participate in our vision.
For Associates
Upholding the quality of our products and business plan, and keeping up associate confidence at all times.
For Customers
Believing in the policy of "Customer is King" & passionately committed in providing the best experience for our customers.
For Employees
Striving to provide our employees the best working environment and support
For Associates
Everyone is part of the same team working toward the same goal. We follow an inclusive approach at each step and take care of each other to foster success.
For Customers
We believe that "Customer is King" & focus on providing the best quality products for our customers
For Employees
Taking care of each other to create a collaborative environment to thrive and grow together.
Our Promise

Health. Wealth. Quality

IMC promises a healthy, wealthy and quality lifestyle for its associates, employees and customers through its unique business model. Emphasising the primary focus on bringing good health and copious wealth to everyone associated, the company has always kept its promises with quality products and splendid business offerings.

Get associated and be assured of good health and ample wealth with quality products from IMC.

Our Values

Values That Inspire


Trust is the most powerful currency in business. We always focus on doing what’s right, and not just whatever "works." IMC focuses on delivering authentic value to all its stakeholders and believes in measuring success less in monetary terms, and more by the respect, trust and credibility it earns.


IMC operates in a culture focused on partnership and working in a collaborative manner to achieve mutual success, and build a healthy ecosystem. IMC always focuses on doing what is in the long-term best interest of our employees and associates, in a manner that increases trust and confidence.

Fair & Ethical

We acknowledge the value created by each stakeholder (internal or external) and believe in giving everyone fair value for their money and efforts. We believe that everyone deserves fair treatment, an opportunity to succeed and perform to their fullest potential. And we follow ethical business practices in whatever we do.


IMC’s intelligent, insightful and innovative team, industry professionals and partners deliver the highest quality of products with the deepest understanding of industry nuances. We believe that change is constant and focus on continuous product improvement, progress and achievement of individual and group health goals.


At IMC, we believe that every individual is responsible and accountable for their actions, and should contribute equally to ensure personal growth as well as team and company growth. By helping people help themselves, we further the potential for individual and shared success.