Resort To The Alkaline Way Of Life

It’s no more a hidden fact that the environmental conditions are reaching hazardous levels every passing day. From the air we breathe to the water we drink, everything is contaminated with unseen and unfiltered pollutants that are slowly affecting our health. While our bodies constitute to about 60% of water, isn’t it imperative to then ensure the best quality of water intake? We, therefore, introduce the very advanced and high-quality Alkaline Water Bottles that enhances every drop of water being consumed by you. The frequent use of this bottle improves the body mineral constitution and also de-cleanses it.

Quick facts on Alkaline Water Bottle:

  • It significantly converts the water to a pH level of 8.5 – 9.5 within 2-3 minutes, which aids in neutralizing acid in your body.
  • It activates essential minerals in the water like Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, and Potassium while also regulating the oxygen content.
  • The bottle can be used widely, is easy to carry and very effective.

The Alkaline Water Bottle is a well developed and designed bottle with layers of ceramic balls that recharge the alkaline content of the water, activates the minerals and antioxidants in the water. These layers include:

Hydrogen ORP Ball: Formulated with all natural minerals they revitalize the water. Makes it anti-oxidant, restores body pH balance, strengthens body immune system, optimizes minerals, removes pesticide residue and inhibits microbe breeding.

Alkaline Calcium Ball: This layer increases the concentration of Ca+ in the water and enables easy absorption of calcium by the body.

Potassium Ball: These are a configuration of composite minerals such as potassium, magnesium, metasilicate, etc. They aid in the mineralization of water.

Nano Silver Anti-bacterial Ball: Rich in silver ions these balls deter bacterial growth and decompose its remains. They help in absorbing heavy metal ions, removing smell, pesticide residue and hydrates water effectively.

Negative Ion Ball: They excite and split water clusters turning tap water into active water. It increases negative ion concentration and of dissolved oxygen. Improves the taste of water and inhibit microbe breeding.

Benefits of Alkaline water

  • Regulates Acidity: It neutralizes acid in your bloodstream and helps mobilize body nutrients
  • Improves Hydration: Its micro clusters result in more water being absorbed by your body, hence enables super hydration
  • Max Detox: Highly effective in eliminating waste and breaking down fecal debris. Prevents constipation, flatulence and gastric problems
  • Skin Rejuvenation: Keeps cells of the body well hydrated and in turn keep the elasticity of skin intact.
  • Boosts Energy: Breaks down fatty acids actively and aids digestion and makes you feel refreshed and recharged.
  • Bone Strength: Keeps your joints and muscles well lubricated making exercising and movement easier and more flexible.

Hurry up and embrace the alkaline way of living!