Ladies Keep Your Sanitary Health At Power With Magnetic Anion Sanitary Napkins

Every woman spends around 6-7 years of her life menstruating and still, the importance of menstrual hygiene is grossly neglected. In a country like India, only rounded 30% of the women have access to sanitary napkins.

As for the other women in the smaller towns and villages, even talking about periods is a taboo. We at IMC believe that every woman has the right to a happy period and therefore we have come up with a revolutionary sanitary napkin- the Magnetic Anion Sanitary Napkins which can become your strength during your most tested days. We want to ensure that these napkins are accessible and available for all the women across the states.

Menses were never meant to be painful or frustrating, but with a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits, women are facing problems during their cycle. A backache, cramps in thighs, joint pain, mood swings, feeling lost and desolated, pimples on the skin are some of the issues women face.

But what if you get to know there are sanitary napkins that will make your cycle pain free and smooth?

Magnetic Energy Anion is a boon for women. With ultra-soft padding, super absorbent, and anti-bacterial properties these sanitary napkins regulate the cycle and give freedom from the monthly trial.

Benefits of the Sanitary Napkins:

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory napkins take charge of your personal hygiene.
  • Regulates menstrual cycle.
  • Increase in metabolism and reduces pain, menstrual cramps and odor.
  • They absorb the liquids easily, permits air flow and are safe to use.

Our napkins are available on our website and can be delivered at the remotest of areas. As a cautionary body, we also feel that all women must follow some general rules of hygiene during these 4-5 days.

Some quick tips are:

Changing your sanitary napkins every 4-6 hours to curb the growth of bacterial organisms, urinary infections.