Success Story


Born to a petty businessman running a watch house and studio, I experienced normal life in childhood. Our financial condition went worse in 1997 as the shop remained closed for three months on account of my grandmother's demise. Eventually our family shifted to another city and we had to start a new life. Even I had to do petty jobs to contribute in household running. But there was a fire inside me to do something big. God listened to my prayers. One fine day, Mr Dharmender Chaudhary entered my life and threw light on IMC Business. I got fascinated to IMC Business and started doing it. Undoubtedly, I faced hurdles but kept on working hard as motivational words of Dr Ashok Bhatia Ji and Shri Satyan Bhatia Ji kept on inspiring me. Within one year, I achieved level of Chairman. Now I have achieved the level of Senior Crown President Star Associate. Here I would like to mention my better half, Smt. Deepshikha who has played a vital role in my success. She is Jharkhand based actress and is quite vibrant if we talk about IMC Business. As on date, we are fulfilling our dreams as well as the desires of our family members. We are living a healthy and prosperous life.

Message For Team

When you are focused on goal then nobody can stop you to achieve success.