Success Story


I belong to a lower middle class family where my father left the country to earn money in a foreign country when I was too young. I witnessed my mother suffering from cancer and sudden death of my father. I used to score high grades in science when I was a student that inspired me to choose my career as a doctor. I also did the job of Business Head in a corporate sector from 1997 -2004. In September 2013, I received a call from Dr. Anand Bajpai, a close friend of mine to know about the health of my mother. He suggested IMC products for her. He along with Mr. Prem Kumar suggested me to join IMC Business. Somehow I was reluctant but joined it. Later on I met Mr. Satyan Bhatia and my vision became clear. In 2014, I achieved the level of Chairman with a payout of two lakh rupees. One significant instance I would like to share is that I was quite amazed on noticing Dr. Ashok Bhatia, Founder & Chairman cleaning the window panes and products lying for demonstration in condition of fractured arm. I learned spirit of dedication that day. Throughout my success journey, my wife Dr. Padmaja Eda has been a source of energy.

Message For Team

Learn Karamyoga from our highly respected Dr. Ashok Bhatia and keep on scaling high levels.