Success Story


I belong to a middle class family where my father was the only person who earned money to run the house. After completing my formal education at school, I did not opt for a college degree rather joined politics. Everything went into vain in politics and I did not gain anything. It gave me a jolt as I was jobless. I found a solace for myself by assisting my wife at her beauty parlour. One fine day, a salesman came to our parlour and suggested me to join IMC Business. Something clicked my mind and I joined IMC Business, though I was not clear how to do it. Fortunately I went to an IMC tour to Dalhousie where I met Mr. Satyan Bhatia. His magnificent persona encouraged me a lot. His dynamism motivated me resultant I was the level of Chairman within a few months with a payout of one lac & twelve thousand rupees. Because of IMC Business, I am living a luxurious life with seven cars. The other thing that has fascinated me is family atmosphere in IMC. I received immense affection and support from Ashok Sir, Satyan Sir and Veena Madam. At present I have achieved the level of Senior Crown President.

Message For Team

IMC Business is the best business as it provides time & money freedom.