Crown President Star Associate Mr. Vivekanand

Mr. Vivekanand, born on May 10 in 1978. His father’s name is Mr. Mahesh Chandra and his mother’s name is Mrs. Ram Shakti Devi. He got married to Mrs. Savita Kumari. He has completed his senior secondary education. He started his business in May 2014.Everyone needs a little push sometimes. Whether you're starting out on a new career path or business you just need a burst of motivation. The success story of Mr. Vivekanand will do the same for you. Yes, Mr. Vivekanand is one of those who pushed himself towards the change in his life and today he is on a prestigious level. Let’s know about this IMC hero who changed not merely his own life but the life of others also. Today he is an inspiration for others.

Mr. Vivekanand

"Kaamyaabi k liye kaam karte rahe"

I was born on 10th May 1978, in an ordinary family where my father Mr. Mahesh Chandra used to do farming. Which was enough to fill the empty stomach but the rest of our expenses were barely met. So I decided to do some other work to earn more. I started LIC but Still, the situations were the same. Now I was looking for a platform where my dreams could take shape and I can fulfill my family's expectations.

One day Mr. Prem Kumar suggested IMC and he gave me some product to use. The result was very positive so, I started using the product for one and a half years and got fully affected. Now there was no second thought to start this business. From May 2014, I started doing this business without worrying about day and night. My hard work changed my life when I achieved the CP level on 1st March 2019. It was the time where my life was completely changed. The bike was converted into Mercedes, Local travel is converted into a foreign trip and a normal life converted into a prestigious life.  

Message For Team

"Today my life is an inspiration for those all people who are still facing poverty. I would like to say to them if they want to change a life, they must have taken the decision and still there is time to change their life. This business is about life-changing. Be persistence and passionate."