Crown President Star Associate Mr. Sumit Sharma

Mr. Sumit Sharma was born on 13 August 1986. His father’s name is Late. Jagdish Prasad and his mother’s name is Mrs. Kunti Devi. He had completed his graduation (BA). He had started IMC on 5 March 2015. His message is not to be distract in anyway and perseverance will take you to the success. Many people have a myth that people become rich and successful because of heir luck and they don’t face any failure or bad times, but every individual in this world faces problems and failure, but the only difference between normal people and successful people is, that they never give up until and unless they don’t achieve what they always dreamed about. Our IMC’s one of top leaders, Mr. Sumit Shamra is one of them, who believed to change fate and he changed not only his own life but the life of others also. Yes, he is one of the best leader of IMC, Mr. Sumit Sharma. Let’s know his success story in his words.

Mr. Sumit Sharma

On 13 August 1986, I was born in "The City of Nawabs" that is Lucknow in a middle-class family. I completed my graduation with a lot of career dreams. So, I started it with a job where I used to earn 9000 Rs. per month. That wasn’t enough amount to fulfill family requirements even. I was in search of an opportunity to earn more and to be successful. On 5 March 2015, the doors of my luck opened with a phone call from Mr. DN Singh who introduced me to this business. At the earlier stage, I faced some difficulties but it is well known, as much you’ll work hard, you will enjoy the success more. My success was not so far, on 1st August 2019, I was blessed with Top level, CP Level. Today my all dreams have been fulfilled by IMC Business only. I can give all the happiness to my family that they desire for. 

Message For Team

"Hard work, unwavering faith in the system, service spirit for the entire team and not being distracted in any situation is the best way to be successful in the IMC business. Support your team. Whenever they need you, you must be with them, Train your team. IMC business is the definition of collective success."