Crown President Star Associates- Mrs. Pallavi Siddhi & Mr. Shivraj Kushvaha Uttarakhand

Spirituality and Materiality are like the two wings of a bird, to fly you need both. A person with kind nature Mr. Shivraj Singh Kushvaha s/o Sh. Rampal Singh Kushvaha (Born—Nalkheda, Dist. Agar, M.P.) was working as a State Govt. officer at Dehra Doon. His life partner Mrs. Siddhi Singh (Pallavi ) D/o Sh. Phalad Tiwari (Birth—Dharikiro, Dist. Dhanbad , Jharkhand ) was a home maker. We all know that 21st century’s women are stronger and they have more courage for what they want to do. They are enough experts in handling all hurdles, hardships and burdens. Their quality of Managing, governing makes them successful. In IMC, when we talk about women empowerment, Mrs. Siddhi comes on the top. She has proved that woman can do whatever she wants. Being a woman it’s not easy to handle the home and the business together. But how she managed all that and become successful in IMC business, let’s know about her success journey.

Mrs. Pallavi Siddhi & Mr. Shivraj Kushvaha, Uttarakhand

I was born on 10th Feb 1982, in an ordinary family with extraordinary dreams in eyes. After completing my MBA, I got married to Mr. Shivraj Kushwaha. Then I started my job. But with a baby, it was not as easier. So, I quit the job and start looking for a better opportunity to fulfill my dreams. On 29th June 2014, Mr. Kunal Kamra introduced me this business and I discussed this with my husband. After that I started IMC Business. When my husband came to know the company’s future planning and vision of the company he quit his 70,000’s govt. job that he used to earn every month. We both started doing this business full time and with the grace of God, March 1, 2015 was that auspicious day came when we got success in IMC business. Before IMC we were financially strong, but after starting this business, we got mental satisfaction. Now we are leading a prestigious life without any future worry.

Message For Team

"Always learn before earn. Once you will learn, you will begin to follow the system, you will automatically start earning. Always remember, hard work is necessary but, smart work is much necessary. In this business, you have to keep patience. Your leadership skills and dedication to work will bring you to success."

IMC wishes them a bright future!