Crown President Star Associate Mr. Sanjay Sahu

I was born in 1983 at Ranchi in a family which was not well off finanancially. My father was working on daily wages. When I was IX standard my father suddenly fell ill and the doctors advised him bed rest. I was the eldest one amongst all my siblings and responsibility of my family was on my shoulders. I was confused and unable to get a decent job, and then I started working as a newspaper seller and along with it completed my raduation in B.A. After completing my graduation, I joined Aircell Company on a monthly salary of 8000INR. After two years of working in Aircell, I joined Vodafone on a monthly salary of 13500. But with this small income, we were only surviving and fulfilling dreams and desires of the family members was a distant dream.This is the ultimate truth that the more sorrows there are, the greater the chances of getting happiness and like that the more hardship makes a greater chance of success. Because, when a man is fed up with his hard time, he makes every effort to change it. And this search makes a man successful. But in order to move forward on the path of success, a plant of determination has to be grown in the mind and it has to be fed with its hard work and persistence. My life was also an example of the same.

Mr. Sanjay Sahu, Jharkhand

5 July 1983, I was born into a poor family. My father Mr. Mahendra Sahu, used to sell the newspaper. Due to his efforts, my family used to get their bread in some way but poverty could not be erased. When my father was suggested to bed rest due to the knee problems, I used to sell the newspaper to earn two time’s bread. I did this job almost for twelve years. One day when my daughter fall sick and I had no money for her treatment, I realized the value of money and decided to work hard and earn more and more.

Fortunately, one day I was staying in a hotel and IMC’s seminar was going on. Here I met Mr. Manoj Kumar who was already doing this business. He guided me and on 22 Dec, 2014 I started IMC business. Within a year my dreams started coming true. I was close to my success. On 1st November 2017, I reached my destination. My success was rewarded with the tag of Crown President.

My hardwork rewarded me and a person who used to live in mud house, started living in expensive home.

Message For Team-

This business needs the following things to be successful.
  • We must work with honesty.
  • Never miss any meetings and seminars about the company.
  • Make your company with successful and motivational people. Determine the destination and estimated time to reach here.   
  • Always follow the system and your upline