Crown President Star Associate Mr. Raman Kumar Vijay

Mr. Raman Kumar Vijay, born on July 25 in 1986. His father’s name is late Shatrughan Prasad Singh and his mother’s name is Mrs. Seeta Devi. He is married to Mrs.Akanksha Rani. He has completed graduation. He started his business in IMC on Feb 23 in 2015. His tagline is” mana ki qismat ne mujhe bech diya gareebi k hathon mein , lekin main vika nahi hoon , chal raha hoon andheri raaton mein magar main andha nahi hoon, Jeet k dikha doonga dunia o walon, kyun ki main abhi zinda hoon mra nahi hoon.When you are passionate about your dreams, then nothing matters and your hard work helps you to reach your goal. With this much passion and perseverance, Mr. Raman Kumar Vijay wrote a new success story in IMC with a prestigious level. Not only to him but, his passion has given bright life to thousands of people. How did he reached his destination of success and created history, let’s know in his words.

Mr. Raman Kumar Vijay

"In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure."

On 25th July 1986, I was born in a village of  Bihar, Samastipur. My father Lt. Mr. Satrughan and mother Ms. Sita Devi always fully supported me for whatever I desired in my earlier life. But after passing away my father I came to know the value of money and started working for my earning after graduation. While I was looking for a better career opportunity, I found IMC but due to some uncertainty, I do not wish to join. So, I critically questioned all about my doubts with MD. Mr. Satyan Bhatiya. His enthusiastic answers pulled me into this business. I perceived the power of this business and in February 2015, I initiated it. I started duplicating my team with more and more Raman Kumar Vijay(s). And finally, on 30th November 2018, I got my destination with the help of my wife Mrs. Akansha Rani.

The feeling of Being Crown President was just like winning all the happiness of life!

Message For Team

"You must first understand the power of duplication. Create your duplicate by Business education and trainings, meetings and seminars. It will help you to create more and more leaders. So, you have to create more and more leaders just like you. When the team will grab the speed of growth, you and your team will be at your destination."