Crown President Star Associate Mr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta

People say that the perfect time comes with the time circle but success says that perfect time never comes, we have to bring it. Here we are talking about IMC’s one of shining stars Mr. Rajesh Gupta, who recognized the value of time and converted it into the glories success. With IMC Business he crossed all the hurdles and reached his destination. Let's know, how his zealous and hardworking nature brought him success. On 15th July 1984, in a small village of Bhadohi UP, Mr. Gupta was born in a poor family where his father Mr. Mohan Lal was merely a person of earning. In the hard situation of filling the stomach, anyhow he completed his matric. He started his career from Kolkata city with 3600 Rs. monthly salary. Later on, after working in Surat he came back to Prayagraj (Allahabad) and started a new job as RO technician. His life-changing time was near but he was not aware of it.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta

In the year 2014, his life took a turn, a turn to success. His mentor Mr. DN Singh showed him the path of success. He introduced him to this business. An excellent result of products influenced him and he associated himself with the mission of the company and in October 2019, after being Crown President all his dreams come true. The person who, ever had no money for bread today owes expensive cars, home, and a luxurious lifestyle. Today he feels so glad and honored to share his experience with the people who are on the way of success.

Message For Team

"IMC Business is a life-changing business but if you are expecting lifetime success, you must have to invest at least a few years properly. When you are moving towards your goal, then you should keep in mind that if dreams remain unfulfilled, then you will have to live the same worn-out life. Only the number of days will change, the rest of life will take round around eat and sleep. Therefore work to change life and your hard work will definitely pay you. This business takes 3-5 years to make you successful but keep in mind that the fruit brought by this business will rejoice you lifetime."