Crown President Star Associates Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma

"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; It takes sweat, determination & hard work". This phrase suits to Mr. Ajay Sharma. He hails from a village Handian in Allahabad.  Though he has achieved the degree of B.A. L.L.B., compared to a common person his curiosity and expectation were much more higher but the puzzle of dreams never ends. He was not content with what he received. In 1996 to do something great in life Ajay Sharma joined Sahara India and worked with the help of his cycle on Field Development, but he was still unsatisfied.When the effort of success does not let you sleep, when you do not feel tired even after working continuously, then you must understand that a new history of success is going to be created. And the same history has been created by one of our Top leaders Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma. Who devoted his life to IMC Business and IMC Business fulfilled his all dreams. With his different unique identity in IMC, he influenced so many lives to get their objective. But how did he met his goal, let’s know.

Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma, Uttar Pradesh

"A dream doesn't become reality through magic, It takes sweat, determination & hard work."

Mr. Sharma was born on 25th Dec 1979. His earlier life started in a village of Paryagraj, UP in a middle-class family. His father Mr. Daya Ram Sharma always tried to meet their expenses with their needs. He completed his graduation. He wanted to achieve something big in his life. But he also knew that the job can never fulfill his dream. So he left his job and it was God’s grace Mr. Jasvir Singh directed him for IMC Business. On lucky date 17 October 2012, he engaged himself with IMC and IMC completed his all expectations. 1st March 2016, I crossed the CP level. Today he is earning millions and people are fascinated by his luxurious car BMW Sedan, 6 series and Fortuner Car, luxurious lifestyle and leadership skills. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that he is the perfect example of success in IMC.

Message For Team

"In his words, first of all, you must have a clear vision for whatever you are doing. You must clear your ‘why’, why you want this? When you will get the answer to ‘Why’ before doing anything,  you will have that strong desire to fulfill your dreams and then whatever you will do, will lead you to success."