Crown President Star Associates Mishra Brothers

It is a true fact that it's not where you are born or whom you are born to that determines how your life will be. It's what you do with your life that determines how your life will be. Mr. Shivkant Mishra born in Kadma of Distt. Bhiwani on 13 December 1982 and his younger brother Mr. Pardeep Mishra on 16 December 1984. Their father owned a small watch-house and a Studio.We often heard that one and one make two, but these brothers are the perfect example of one and one is equal to eleven. We are talking about one of the best dynamic leaders Mr. Shivkant Mishra and his brother Pardeep Mishra. Who are well known for their success and leadership skills which have given them vast success, name, fame and every little thing that they desired and determined. Let’s know more closely about them.

Mishra Brothers, Haryana

Mishra brothers were born in a small village of Bhiwani, Hariyana. But due to some reason in 1997, they moved to Kotakpura, Punjab. It was so hard to live on rent when they have many expenses and a little earning. Even After being so wise they couldn’t complete their studies and started working to earn money. They started a small business but their fate was somewhat different, and It was IMC. With the use of Shree Tulsi, aloe Vera juice and Power Gold they introduced to this business. They were inspired by the company’s mission and vision that is to make people healthy and wealthy. On 23 Aug 2010, they started working and they proved that one plus one is equal to eleven. In the year 2015 on 2nd June, they met to success. There was a time when they were dreaming about a bike, now they have 5 luxurious cars including Jaguar.

Message For Team

"When you are single-minded, you sustain your thoughts of being successful and keep the focus on your goal, no one can stop you. IMC Business is a platform where lakhs of people have changed their life without any higher education and investment. Your passion will tend your business to the highest level."