Crown President Star Associate Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh

Manoj Kumar Singh, born on Jan 15 in 1971. His father’s name is Late Muneshwar Prasad Singh and his mother’s name is Mrs. Akash Devi. He got married to Radhika Kumari. He has done his high school. He had started his business in IMC in December 2013.The time comes in our lives in many forms. Sometimes it is very hard but it doesn’t take the time to change destiny. Yes, it is true, Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh is the best illustration for the same, who went through a bad time but his leadership skills, hard work, and a perfect platform IMC changed his time. Let’s know how he changed his time and became an inspiration for people.

Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh

"Paisa jinke pass, Dunia uske saath, baki Sab bakbas"

I was born in Khagaria, Bihar on Jan 15, 1971. My father Late Muneshwar Prasad Singh and mother Mrs. Akash Devi always supported me. But due to our poverty, I used to supply brooms to shops and while I was in matric, I opened a stationery shop to earn for my studies. After that, I completed my Internship as an Advocate. Things were not in my favor so, I went to Mumbai to earn but there was no scope that seems to be. One day I was laying on the platform, a gentleman came and Seeing my critical condition he offered me work which was to sell handkerchief and socks on the train. I started earing 1200-1400 per day. While I was doing this work, Mr. Ojha met me on the train and he was influenced by my skills and offered me IMC Business. Because the business’s mission and vision seemed to differ so I came back to my hometown with new hope and started working from 7 Dec 2012. On the 1st Feb 2017, I achieved the level that was meant to succeed. “THE CP LEVEL”

Message for Team

"The person who used to do small work to earn bread today is a successful person and inspiration for not only IMCian but for all those who are facing the challenge in their life can change their life in IMC just with one decision. If you are in IMC you have taken the best decision of your life. Your persistence and hard work will bring you success. Because this business is rich in products, online services, transparency, and business security. Your future is secure here."