Crown President Star Associate Mr. Jasvir Singh

Mr. Jasvir Singh born in Kurali Distt. Mohali (Punjab). By profession he was Textile Engineer and worked as Technical Officer. But he was not satisfied with his job. Because the salary he was getting was not sufficient to fulfill his dreams and desires. He was looking for an opportunity where he would be his own boss and would not have to take orders from others and his decision would be final.In the two types of people in this world, one of them are who believes in palm line and destiny. Another are one who accepts the situation and works hard and changes their destiny. The successful people never depend upon the palm lines. One of the successful leader of IMC Mr. Jasvir Singh comes under this same category, who has changed his destiny by his hard work and today whatever he and his family want, they owe it without checking the price tag. But his earlier life was not so easy. Let’s know how he reached this level in his words.

Mr. Jasvir Singh, Punjab

"Have great hopes and dare to go all out for them. Have great dreams and dare to live them. Have tremendous expectations and believe in them."

I was born in the village of Kurali, near Mohali in Punjab. My family’s situation was not so good, so with a gap anyhow I completed my studies and in 1997, I started my carrier with a job earning 35 thousand per month. But still, we have to see the price tag before purchasing anything. At that time I decided to get success and to earn enough so that my family can buy anything without checking the price tag. In 2006, through the newspaper, I came to know about IMC Business when it was at its initial stage. I started working with Dr. Bhatia and withing a few months on 2nd Sept 2015, I reached the top level. My wife, Mrs. Kiran is my success partner. In a few words, my success journey being from Jasvir Singh to CP Jasvir Singh.

Message For Team.

"There is no shortcut to success. You must trust in the system when you are associated with it and work until you get the success. When you start working for your dream, you are fascinated by the all positive energy of the world. Then it doesn’t matter what the other says about your work. Day, night, hot, rain nothing matters in the way of your success. This is all that work, is your will power and persistence."