Crown President Star Associate Mr. Jai Prakash

Jai Prakash, born on June 12 in 1982. His father’s name is Mr. Ram Murat and his mother’s name is Mrs. Juguli Devi. He got married to Poonam Devi. He has completed his high school studies. He had started IMC business on November 05 in 2014.To be successful, to improve yourself and make life better, to get dreams fulfilled and to be closer to your goals, you have to use each day as an opportunity. It might sound difficult or next to impossible. But ‘Impossible itself says, I’m possible. This positive approach of Mr. Jai Prakash delivered him to the top level and achieved that he dreamed. How did he change his life and he wrote his own story, let's know in his words.

Mr. Jai Prakash

"Mazdoori se Mercedes tak ka safar"

On 12 July 1982, I came into existence. Who knows that a poor man, who even could not complete his study will earn lakhs of money and will change not only his life but the life of others also. Yes, it is true, to get my dreams fulfilled My father Mr. Ram Murat and mother Mrs. Juguli Devi and My wife Mrs. Poonam Devi always supported me. Before IMC I used to be a labor and I always dreamed to earn more to meet our expenses. But it has becames possible only after doing IMC.

One day my friend suggested me to visit Haridwar. Here I saw Mr. Ved Prakash Ojha who was on stage and he was being rewarded. I was influenced by him and I committed to myself to reach this level. I started this business on 26 September 2014 with more diligence, dedication, and determination. Mr. Ved Prakash Ojha guided me in this business and I am very grateful to him that he has come as a mentor in my life. Finally, on 1st July 2019, my commitment was fulfilled. My hard work gave me fruit in the form of Mercedes, fame, and honor. All the best changes in my have possible because of IMC Business, it’s system and management. In short, must say that my success story revolves around the journey from labor to Mercedes.          

Message For Team

"Sometimes you confuse yourself by listening to the things around the world, but you have to see your future and take the right decision. Keep faith in hard work not in luck, because hard work can change the luck. Do this business with honesty and passion. To reach your target you just need to be persistent."