Crown President Star Associate Mr. Ajay Maan

Mr. Ajay Maan, born in the year of 1981 on August 6. His father’s name is Mr. Satpal Maan and his mother’s name is Mrs. Sukhwinder kaur. He got married to Mrs. Charanjit kaur. He has done senior secondary studies.An appropriate time brings everything closer to you but the condition is that you have to be that person who can change it and it is possible only when you are working on them unwavering. Mr. Ajay Maan, the first chairman of IMC, associated with IMC on 4th July 2008 when there were no online services, 7-8 products, only one small office was available. He had gone through the bad time and but after doing IMC he saw the beautiful flying colors in his life. Let’s know his inspirational success journey.

Mr. Ajay Maan

"Humko Rokega Koun"

I was born in the year of 1981 on August 6 in Gurgram. My father was the only earning person in the family.  After completing my matric, I joined politics. Later on, I started a small business but didn’t get success. I did love marriage so parents didn’t accept and we started living separately from parents. One day a beggar came to our shop and I gave him 5 rupees. My wife didn’t like it so, I felt that I must start working.

While I was in search of work, a man came and he started showing the IMC’s product. I took interest and when I met our MD Mr. Satyan Bhatia, I was influenced by the company’s mission and vision. So I focused on goal without thinking anymore. Bhatia Family always helped me whenever I needed family support.

And finally, that day came on 1st April 2017,  when I succeed, time changed and everyone accepted us. It was all like a happy ending of a movie. But in fact, it was starting of all happiness.

Message for Team

"If you ever have to face defeat, don’t lose hope. Because stone breaks at the last blow of the hammer. Use products first and show the testimonials to others. If you are doing IMC continuously, that means you are surely going to be successful in the future. No one can stop you."