LIVE BETTER WITH PURE WATER AS OUR BODY NEEDS PURITY. The human body needs ample quality and good quality of water. What we need is the intake of clean, pure, and safe water to remain fit and healthy. Besides purification, we also need Alkaline Water to maintain pH levels. TRUST & INVEST IN IMC SMART ALKALIZER. It's not simply a Water Purifier, it's also a smart Alkalizer. Unique RO+ UV + UF+ Alkaline with TDS controlled water purification system. Patented mineral retention methods. Gives pure, healthy alkaline water and maintains pH level at 8. Tamper-proof RO membrane. Interactive touch screen display with real-time monitoring of purity, performance, and service history. Fully automatic operations.

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It eliminates contaminants and impurities to keep the water clean. It keeps the toxic materials in the water at bay. It eradicates harmful organic compounds. Alkaline water of IMC Smart Alkalizer maintains pH level helping the body to remain fit and healthy. It has an Interactive Touch Screen Panel.