Organic Noni Hair Colour Shampoo

Instant is the word of the day. We are inspired by the young and the restless and the ones always on the move. With this colour shampoo, not only do you get rid of those unwanted greys in ten minutes but also your hair will look like a million bucks. Thanks to the herbal extracts and the well-known goodness of Olive Oil. Noni Extracts are known for its ability to aid hair growth and Ginseng is an age-old sage that blesses your scalp to reduce hair loss. Together they create a magical solution not only to give your hair instant colour but also the required nourishment.

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Aloe vera, Ginseng Extract, Noni Extract and Olive Oil.


Make sure that you do a skin test before using the product, as some people are allergic to hair dyes. To do the test, apply some on the tip of your ear. If you’re allergic, red rashes will appear within 24 hours. Wash your hair with Aloe Hair Shampoo. Wear hand gloves to avoid stains. Apply the Organic Noni Hair Colour Shampoo on hair and massage thoroughly. Leave it for 5- 10 minutes and rinse it off.


It’s one of its own kind shampoo-cum-dye. You can see the results in ten minutes. Enriched with noni and ginseng extracts, it promotes hair growth and reduces hair fall. Olive oil extracts moisturize the hair, leaving it lustrous and smooth.

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