Why Tulsi is Really Goddess of Health

Tulsi is often considered as goddess we worship and ask for health and prosperity in return. This ritual of worshipping Tulsi has been in Hinduism society for a time unknown. Our ancestors certainly recognized the value and medicinal properties of this plant and decided to have it in every household. There is a reason why it is commonly known as the “Holy Basil”.

Studies have proven evidences for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic (pain-reducer), antipyretic (fever-reducer), hepatoprotective (liver-protector) cancer-fighter, diabetes-preventer, blood vessel-protector, destresser, immune-booster etc. properties. Broadly for understanding, the categorization is under two groups, further which, there are 12 Tulsi types to be found all over the world. Now, isn’t that mind blowing! They are: Rama Tulsi, Krishna Tulsi, Amrita Tulsi, Vana Tulsi, Kapoor Tulsi, Thai Tulsi, Vishnu Tulsi, Lemon Tulsi, Vietnamese Tulsi, American Tulsi, African Blue Tulsi, and Italian Genovese Tulsi.

The fact that it holds some super medicinal properties is what keeps us worshipping it. Also, with increasing lifestyle related diseases, our health keeps weakening. Of all the herbs within Ayurveda, Tulsi is the most effective and preeminent, and not just Ayurveda, even scientists are confirming its benefits. Tulsi has been said to protect organs and tissues from chemical stress, physical exertion, exposure to cold and many similar illness. You won’t believe that Tulsi is a superman of herbs which has cure for more than 200 types of diseases.

IMC Shri Tulsi has pure crux of the five of these Tulsi, namely, Shyama Tulsi, Vishnu Tulsi, Rama Tulsi, Nimbu Tulsi, Van Tulsi. You would be surprised to know what few drops of IMC Shri Tulsi everyday can do to your health. Let’s find out some magical solutions that Tulsi has for sneeze to heart diseases.

Relieves Fever and Cures Cold and Cough

Tulsi is preeminent when it comes to curing fever or cold and cough. It holds properties that relives high temperature and reduces the repercussions of our interaction with cold. Tulsi Drop is a medicinal liquid imbibed with Tulsi extracts to reduce fever and cold. You just have to take one drop in a glass of water, 4 to 5 times a day and you are good to go. If cough strikes hard, take Shri Tulsi Lozenge, it is a candy that you can hog onto every 2 to 3 hours. There are many benefits of Tulsi apart from just these that will help you in long run to keep yourself healthy and fit. 

Cure for bacterial infections

Holy basil is a good cure for bacterial infections. These infections can mess with possibly the littlest of wounds. The study recommends that Tulsi the holy basil may very well be a highly effective antibiotic against debilitating and dangerous bacteria.

Anti- Inflammatory Properties

A study on Tulsi extract showed significant anti-inflammatory activity in human cells, validating its traditional use in treating cardiovascular disease.

Protect the heart from Chronic Stress

Holy basil extracts can support to work as a guardian for the heart against chronic stress. Tulsi the holy basil protects heart from chronic restraint stress-induced changes, through its central effect. Tulsi leaf essential oil was shown to lower cholesterol and protect the heart via its antioxidant effects

Fights Acne

One of the major troubles everyone goes through during growth age is never ending acnes. It is how our skin indicates the unhealthy practices that we are adopting in terms of food or not taking proper care. Tulsi being the crucial ingredient that holds anti-bacterial properties to cure the skin. Most of the doctors resort to creams or medicines that have Tulsi in them, but what is better than a pure Ayurvedic product? Nothing at all.

Purifies Water

It happens to be a scientific approved fact that Tulsi purifies water due to its anti- bacterial and anti- viral properties and eliminates any unwanted particles present. That is why when in Hindu culture, we are worshipping any goddess or cook anything related to the ritual, according to scientists, Tulsi must be added to water and food to purify it before the intake, as it contains mercury, and is an antibiotic or antibacterial.

Reduces Stress

Stressful lives are now in trend. Everybody just has to take stress over little things in life and probably forget to have a proper and healthy lifestyle. Tulsi is a calming herb that produces relaxation effects. Tulsi prevents stress-induced changes in blood levels of corticosterone. Tulsi contains ocimarin and the ocimumosides A and B show anti-stress activity including normalizing blood sugar levels and cortisol levels.

Controls Diabetes

Diabetes being one of the most harmful illness that needs to be controlled at a very early stage. Studies implies that adding holy basil (Tulsi) in your eating or diet program can support in handling blood sugar levels. Hence, Tulsi is said to have some magical properties to control it and prevent it to worsen. You can have IMC Shri Tulsi in warm water to control this and many other big or small health issues.

Protects Liver

Antioxidant in nature

Protects against radiation

Accelerates bone healing

Protects against Cataract

Protects Against and Heals Stomach Ulcer

Isn’t it amazing that a small plant in our backyard can have such mystic properties, all in one?

With IMC rolling out some amazing Tulsi imbibed products such as Shri Tulsi Drop and Tulsi Lozenge, it has successfully established itself to be the most authentic provider of Ayurveda products and to cure illness through herbs present in nature. With Shri Tulsi Drop and Shri Tulsi Lozenge, you get to have maximum benefits of the herb very popularly known as “The Elixir of Life”. These are some of the many products from IMC that are inclusive of pure Ayurveda herbs and plants without any adulteration. There is no other place to look for, few drops and you have found the all- round health immunity shield for you and your family.