Unlock the secret to beautiful hair with Ayurveda

Unlock the secret to beautiful hair with Ayurveda

Haven't we all, sometimes in our lives admired someone else’s long and lustrous hair? And wondered how can we perhaps with a magic wand replace ours with theirs? Well, the magic wand has been lying in front of us for over five thousand of years without being noticed and we are reaching out to farfetched unknown places to get our hands on it. India has been the land of Ayurveda, a gift of nature, which has passed all the tests of quality and results. Given the environmental conditions and pollution the air and water itself pose as threats, leave aside manufactured products.

With this comes the question of how to maintain the most guaranteeing practice of hair care. And the answer lies in every natural and herbal hair care product that is being produced today. The Ayurvedic form of treatment is different and unique; it employs products and treatment practices that are 100% organic. And hence come with the assurance of results being seemingly fruitful.

Ayurveda aims at identifying and resolving the problem from the root of it, literally. It is essential to first understand the hair constitution, whether it is Vata type, Pitta type of Kapha type. After determining the doshas, it's then essential to recognize the dosha imbalance.

Excess Vata causes the hair to be dry, frizzy, brittle, and lusterless. It also causes the hair to thin, fall out in clumps, become shorter and more difficult to grow out, and present with split ends.

Excess Pitta causes excess heat in the hair follicles, which can damage the hair and lead to premature thinning, early greying, and baldness. Heat in the hair follicles is often accompanied by a tendency to be hotheaded, short-tempered, or excessively ambitious.

Excess Kapha causes excessive oiliness, heaviness, and thickness in the hair.

On determining these, comes the choice of the most matching hair care product. From IMC range we have Herbal Henna Powder, Keshwin Shampoo and Conditioner, and the Herbal Hair Oil. These products are conditioned and strategically formulated to serve the needs of your damaged hair. For best results, you also need to maintain a proper routine, a healthy and sumptuous diet, coupled with exercises and yoga.

Preventing hair from extreme climatic conditions and nourishing them with Ayurvedic Oil is also a must. Stay free from stress, enjoy a healthy lifestyle and consume the IMC Ayurvedic Hair Care range with complete belief. There’s no way that one-day you become the referral admiration for others.