How to have a Sun Kissed and not Sun Burnt Skin with IMC

How to have a Sun Kissed and not Sun Burnt Skin with IMC

Earth is known to be a place made livable only because of its proximity to sun. This makes all the life forms survive and thrive on the planet. It is the sun that brings warmth, light and lot of other goodness of Vitamin D and the nutrients for flora fauna in the world.

But there is another side to it as well. With changing climatic conditions and global warming, our skins are more prone to the harmful rays that not only harm our bodies externally but create health hazards like skin cancer too. It is quite surprising to know that if somebody is physically active and has quite a fair amount of time spent under the sun, they would definitely had a taste of how painful and bothersome a sunburn can be. It is both ways a problem for people who are always on their toes and don’t have much option to stick to shade and indoors. And especially vacations become half the fun due to feat of getting sunburnt.

Hence taking care of oneself when outdoors is vital for not only outer beauty but inner health too. IMC has given some magnificent thought to the whole problem. They have come up with just the right package for the treatment and prevention of skin burn due to excessive exposure to UV and other harmful sun rays.

Every woman can swear by the fact that a good sunscreen can make or break their day outing. Especially in the summers when you would like to soak in a sunny day or just laze around the park with family and friends for a weekend brunch. IMC Sunscreen lotion is enriched with a brilliant combination of Olive oil, Almond oil and Grapeseed oil. Olive oil works on repairing damaged skin and protecting against skin cancer. Ultra violet rays as well as cigarette smoke, pollution and alcohol create free radicals that cause damage to our cells. Almond oil keeps your skin cells healthy, protects your skin from UV radiation damage, and helps your skin look smooth, soft, and free of fine lines. Grapeseed oil contains antioxidants, vitamins A and E, which enhances skin cell regeneration and promote blood circulation below the skin's surface. Cinnamic acid in the oil provides vital protection against harmful UV rays and helps to reduce the impact of harmful UV rays without letting chemicals on your skin. So much of benefits in one product. Whoaa!! 

IMC Eye mask is a keeper for all those who understand that eyes also need care from harsh sunrays. Despite using sunglasses, our eyes get prone to high exposure to sunrays leading to dryness in eyes and even headaches. IMC Eye mask has Aqua gel that helps to soothe and calm down strained eye muscles and gives a relaxing experience, giving you a light headedness and easy sleep.

IMC Aloe Facial Mask is another boon to nature lovers who love their skin as much and want to keep it free from severe tanning. This mask has Aloe Vera, which in itself is a very versatile plant. It can treat sunburns as easily as it can slow down the aging of the skin. The gel has healing properties and is full of antioxidants, that helps heal sunburn much faster. 

IMC Aloe Gel is a must for your everyday use as it enables protection from daily effect of outdoor pollution and sunrays. This gel is as pure as from the Aloe Vera plant itself its hydrating properties doesn’t let skin dry and make it lesser prone to redness. It also contains Ghritkumari pulp and saffron that diminishes tanning effects reduces the impact of tanning. 

Severe UV rays due to prolonged stay outdoors can lead to gradual tan on the skin that is recognizable only later when it becomes difficult to do anything about it. An everyday routine is definitely worth it to save your natural skin and its baby- like suppleness and also to keep the impact of sun reduced to minimal.

IMC Aloe Rose Water helps restore the natural glow of the skin. Enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera and extracts helps hydrate the skin and bring a cooling shield protection. It also has Vitamin E that protects the skin from daily damage. Use it every day to wash your face and also in the face pack twice a week and you would see a remarkable difference in your skin that gives you a natural radiance and protection too.