How to Bathe an Infant Method and Right Products

How to Bathe an Infant Method and Right Products

Today we are surrounded with umpteen cosmetics and skin care products and this makes it very confusing to make a right choice. With having a child being the process of supporting and promoting the intellectual development right from the beginning of infancy, good parenting skills require appropriate knowledge and information to raise their child in better way even in the day to day routine care involved.

In a market with exhausting alternatives, it’s very difficult for a mother to decide which product would suit her baby’s skin and body. For new mothers it is even more daunting as they initially face a lot of difficulties to go through various tasks of giving bath, putting the baby to sleep, feeding and God, what not. And to top all of that, it is even more difficult to choose the safest and most nourishing set of products for these purposes.

But don’t worry, mommy!! We will guide and help you to provide information regarding hygiene concerns of your child.

Starting from how to bathe an infant is the first query faced by parents to examine. So first it is important to assess the skin of baby before bath by considering skin sensitivity, moisture, temperature and texture. There are several types of baby bath like Lap bath, Tub bath and Sponge bath, any method can be used and followed. Now the simplest method of bathing an infant would be:

Before Bath

  • Gather all the tools required in advance before giving bath.

(Baby Soap, baby shampoo, Wash cloths, anti-bacterial liquid, dry towel and cotton balls/wipes for cleansing of ear and eyes)

  • Set up the type of bath

(Lap bath - requires stool, sponge and dress); (Sponge bath - sponge and cloth); (Tub bath – baby tubs, sponge and cloth)

  • Bathing your baby with warm water

(Wash your baby- face, body, arms, legs and genitals); (Wash the hair – use baby shampoo and gently massage with water into the hair and scalp) It is always advisable to use chemical free baby soap or baby bath liquid.

  • Use towel to baby dry

(Towel-dry the body and hair)

  • Apply ointments

(Use Baby cream, lotion or oil and powder for baby’s skin smelling fresh, soft and supple)

  • Dress the baby

(Use nappies and choose a comfortable outfit as per the weather and baby’s skin sensitivity)

Realizing the utmost concern on the part of babies skin and body care needs, IMC has developed a whole range of chemical free and herbal baby products. And this completely eliminates your worries of going for different brands for different products. It is a complete baby care solution, starting from Aloe Baby Soap, Aloe Baby Hair Wash and Body Wash, Aloe baby Almond massage Oil, Baby Aloe Wipes and Aloe Baby Talcum Powder. These products not only retain the baby’s natural suppleness but also prevents skin infections. The baby oil stimulates blood circulation and helps induce sleep.

Most mothers suffer due to usage of inaccurate products which fails to accompany with the babies skin and body thus leading to rashes, lesions, infection and inflammation. IMC products are tested and certified for safe usage on young munchkins. Babies’ delicate skin deserves to have a well nourishing and natural soap made without detergents and without any kind of stilted ingredients. IMC Aloe Baby Soap is just that formulated with Ayurvedic measures and not of any baleful ingredients. It has Haldi, Rose Petals, Neem Extract and Almond Oil. Now nature’s best is there for your baby all together in one product.

The next important factor to be considered for the infants during their bath is which hair wash and body wash to be utilized. You need not look elsewhere as you have IMC Aloe Baby Hair Wash and Body Wash enriched with Tulsi, Neem and rose water gives the required freshness and disinfectant properties keeping baby’s skin healthy and naturally soft. Aloe Vera is rich in mixture of vitamin, minerals and moisture and helps in protecting moisture level in dry hair and skin.

Natural organic products are highly on demand and increase thus IMC have retained all the natural nutritional content and formulated Aloe baby Almond massage Oil. It is rich in vitamins and consists of essential fatty acids helping in nourishing babies’ skin. Almond consists of antioxidants, which helps in enhancing the skin and enabling it to be flawless. It is also suitable for sensitive skins and thus the mixture of Aloe Vera and Almond extracted oil creates magic on the skin by effectively working against blemishes, dark spots and marks on the babies’ skin. It also has Aloe Vera, Apricot oil, Haldi and Olive oil that cleans the skin softly and provides required moisture and keeping it safe against any rash, irritation or dryness.

IMC Baby Aloe Wipes have taken into consideration all the needs and features to have healthy baby skin and comfort. Skin around the babies pampers is exposed to wetness due to poop and urine, so it is essential for the parents to maintain the babies skin well moisturized so that the baby is not irritated and doesn’t feel discomfort. To ensure that IMC Baby Aloe Wipes allows to treat the diaper rashes with the help of Aloe Vera, Apricot oil, Haldi and Olive oil also helps in providing soft and smooth touch over babies face, hand and bottom.

Baby powder helps in preventing diaper rashes, acts as deodorant for infants and also efficient for removing greasy hair or oil on clothes. IMC Aloe Baby Talcum Powder has powerful ingredients like Tusli, Haldi and Neem to ensure problem free effect on infant’s skin. It does not generate any chemical reaction when contacted with the skin, one can take the advantage of this mixture of Aloe Vera and Talcum made powder providing natural smoothness and safety.