Himalayan Berry A Sacred and Secret Magic

Himalayan Berry A Sacred and Secret Magic

We all have read and heard the story of “Sanjeevani Booti” from Ramayana where Lord Hanuman uproots the hill and brings the herb to awaken Laxman and brings him back to life. Little is known to the world that, this magical herb exists in the form of Sea buckthorn or widely known as Himalayan Berry. In our very own country, when we find such precious and treasured quality of Ayurveda, there is hardly a need to look at allopathic and chemical options of our day to day wellness.

Also, with such hectic schedules comes illness and an indication from our body that we need to stop for a while. And as and when our body starts indicating, that is how nature lets us know that we must slow down. You might have faced high blood pressure, cholesterol, and other such illness that creeps in due to the lower immune system. Now, if you wonder hospitals and doctors are the only remedies, you are certainly mistaken.

Instead of billing up huge hospital bills, why not opt for an easy way out? Add Himalayan Berries to your daily routine and you are good to go. Himalayan Berries, also known as ‘super-fruit’ hold medicinal properties that are helpful in healing a lot of health issues. They can be taken in the form of juice, capsules, or powder.

With IMC, you have a solution to most of your health problems as they strongly believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle through intake of healthy Ayurvedic products, Himalayan Berry Juice and Himalayan Berry Dip-Tea being amongst them.

If you are still under a dilemma about what qualities a Himalayan Berry has, we have curated some of the benefits for you:

It holds a bunch of miraculous benefits. It has at least 27 different medicinal uses. It treats acne, cancer, infections, and obesity. Himalayan Berry is indeed one of the most effective medicinal fruits that is capable of healing much health-related illness. It provides more Vitamin C than oranges, more iron than that in spinach and more beta-carotene levels than that present in Carrots. And would you believe that the reason it is found on high altitude is that it also enhances the flow of oxygen in our body and hence gives the required blood flow in the body Sounds magical, isn’t it? Well, it surely is one of the magical and sacred fruits present in the Himalayan region of our country.

Healing Eczema- Himalayan Berry supplements may help treat atopic dermatitis (a type of eczema), according to a study in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.

Wound Healing- Findings from research suggest that sea buckthorn may promote wound healing when applied topically. In a 2009 study in Food and Chemical Toxicology, scientists discovered that topically applied sea buckthorn seed oil helped speed up the healing of burn wounds.

Slimming Effects- Try IMC Himalayan Berry Dip tea which is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that helps reduce body fat at a natural pace, without you having to compromise on your treats and spend hours in the gym for slimming. It enables the fat cells to dilute over a growing pattern and helps in staying in natural shape.

Treats Diabetes- Diabetes is apparently one of the most harmful illnesses and is said to have a minimal effective cure. With Himalayan Berry Dip-Tea and Himalayan Berry Juices from IMC, you get to have a healthy lifestyle with diabetes in control. We know it sounds cool, and trust us, it is evidently effective. You just have to follow the process of taking this juice and the tea, and you will see a healthy change. In a small 2010 study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers found that Himalayan Berry may help keep blood sugar in check and protect against type 2 diabetes.

Anti-aging properties- Since aging isn’t a very amusing thing to have, everyone wants to live and feel young. Hence, what’s better than something that makes you feel both? With IMC’s Himalayan Berry Juices and Dip-Tea, you get to feel rejuvenated, have a healthy lifestyle and in addition feel more energetic and young to go long way.

Treats Hyper-Tension- With such a hectic schedule at hand and busy routines being part of life, tension is an inevitable process. For such inevitable part of life, IMC has got Himalayan Berry products for you. It holds medicinal properties that improve metabolism and immune system which in turn helps us keep energetic and go through life smoothly

With so many benefits, there is no need to climb Himalaya to find your health genie, just follow these steps and you are taken care for. It makes sense to turn to the most trustworthy partner like IMC Himalayan Berry juice. It is very vital that you take the juice in absolutely right concentration as the excess of anything might not be good for health. You need to take 30ml of berry juice with 200ml of water twice a day. One in the morning and once before dinner. (Or as prescribed by your physician)