Aloe Vera in IMC Skin Care Range

Now, isn’t it common for all of the ladies that they are tired of parlor routines or scared of medical/ surgical treatments? And it takes away so much of effort and money to spend on these where we have better options to spend them in the places where we would like to, maybe shopping.

Stress is one major reason for unhealthy skin, so don’t worry about it anymore. Here, we are putting up a secret that is kept wonderfully over the years in Indian culture. Now, isn’t a home treatment, the best treatment? Also, what’s better than an Ayurveda product for your skin; nothing actually.

According to a study published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, in ancient Egypt, they called Aloe vera "that plant of immortality”. Aloe Vera plant is inbuilt with healing and soothing qualities that enhance your skincare and health routine and is surely worth to find a permanent place in your house. Aloe Vera is a magical herb that holds the ability to ease out acne, pimples and other skin related problems. Though it is an easily grown plant, Aloe latex contains anthraquinones, compounds that actively heal and reduce pain through natural anti-inflammatory effects. But not just this, it has so much more beautifying and healing benefits. You are definitely in for a surprise knowing so much more.

Here are some benefits we have listed that will compel you to take a relook at your chemical makeup and cosmetics.

Aloe Vera acts as a soothing moisturizer for your skin without leaving any greasy or oily effect. Often, the moisturizers leave our skin with a tinge of greasiness, to eliminate the undesired oily elements, use Aloe Vera. Its flower and leaf extracts have antioxidant properties, especially the leaf skin extract. The leaf skin extract also exhibits antimycoplasmic properties that help destroy bacteria on skin cells.

With scorching heat over our heads, sunburns are a possibility. Or even if you are traveling to some exotic place, sunburns are inevitable. To eliminate these burns over your skin, Aloe Vera is definitely worth a place in your beach pouch. It has a medicinal quality that soothes your burn and provides a cooling effect. IMC Aloe Sunscreen lotion creates that shield for you and keeps the skin safe from harmful UV rays.

Acnes are our worst enemies. Believe it or not, there isn’t a way we could avoid having them, so why not find a way to heal them. Lucky are those who are saved from this wrath, for us who aren’t, Aloe Vera will play its best. It helps the acne to settle and lightens up the mark. Apply twice a day and see the magic! (Or, science) IMC Face care range just brings all of the benefits to you in just the form you would like, with a range of products pure and effective as its ingredients.

Again, now, your stretch marks may define your struggle and they might be your beauty lines, but it isn’t any harm if they could vanish. Aloe Vera is imbibed with the quality to reduce dark spots or even stretch marks. You can apply it twice a day, mandatorily before you sleep and see the difference within days.

Now, I know I used word magic before, but it isn’t. Aloe Vera is just a medicinal plant that requires your dedication to apply it. It certainly cannot heal in a day, but we assure you that it can. Apply without fail, and you’ll know the difference. And, it is a lot better than going to doctors or parlors. You just have to take some time out for your skin and your skin will yield results.

But there is a lot of inconvenience and time that it takes up to do the process raw at home. And just for that, we have a whole range of products from IMC that is as brilliant as the raw Aloe Vera and gives you all the benefits without the hassle and time-consuming process. IMC has products in the categories of skincare, haircare, women's personal hygiene, body care, health supplements, and goodness what not! So, Ditch your parlor today and try IMC products for the perfect skin that you desire.

Have a healthy life, have healthy skin!