Crown President Star Associates Mrs. & Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma

This phrase suits to Mr. Ajay Sharma. He hails from a village Handian in Allahabad.  Though he has achieved the degree of B.A. L.L.B., compared to a common person his curiosity and expectation were much more higher but the puzzle of dreams never ends. He was not content with what he received. In 1996 to do something great in life Ajay Sharma joined Sahara India and worked with the help of his cycle on Field Development, but he was still unsatisfied.

  • Mrs. & Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma

Mrs. & Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma

Uttar Pradesh

A dream doesn't become reality through magic;

It takes sweat, determination & hard work.

In 2001 he got attached with a Networking company and purchasing products was not within his reach. For that reason Ajay Sharma left the job but he did not lose hope. One day like messenger of God Shri Jasvir Singh came into his life and told him about IMC business. He worked beyond his capacity and gradually he started reaching towards his destination and realized that now his dreams were getting fulfilled. The person who was on foot, today he is the owner of a car. Do dreams become true? This is the answer to the question. Today he has achieved the Crown President Level and earning lacs per month.

IMC Wishes them a Bright Future!