Sugar Away Tablets

Sugar Away Tablets

Normalizes blood sugar level and urine irregularity. Helps in general weakness and reduces swelling on any body part due to diabetes.

Common symptoms of high blood sugar :
Excessive thirst and appetite, increased urination, unusual weight loss or gain, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, slow healing of sores or cuts.

Common symptoms of low blood sugar :
Rapid increase in heart rate, excessive appetite, shivering, numbness, tingling, mood swings, perspiration and unconsciousness.

Treatment of low blood sugar :
If the patient is unconscious then immediately take the patient to the doctor. If the patient is conscious then immediately
feed the patient with sugar solution.

Bad effects of high blood sugar :
High blood sugar level has adverse effect on eyes, brain, heart, kidney and feet.

Benefits of Sugar Away Tablets :

  • Manages blood sugar level.
  • Deals with frequent thirst and urination problem.
  • Helps in recovering from weakness.
  • Relieves swellings on different parts due to diabetes.

Take 1 tablet half an hour before every meal or as directed by the physician.

Product Packing

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1025 30 Tabs . 360

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