Shri Tulsi Agarbatti

Shri Tulsi Agarbatti

Agarbatti's are fragranced sticks used since ancient times by people all over the world. Agarbatti plays an important role in our daily rituals. On burning Agarbatti gives a spiritual scent. It's used extensively in all religions while worshiping the God.

  • Shri Tulsi Agarbatti's fragrance has magical powers. The smoke that rises from the burning Agarbatti is carrying the prayers of devotees up to the Gods in heaven. Agarbatti's sweet fragrance helps us to achieve meditation.
  • Its fragrance promotes harmony in nature. It fragnants the whole house and creates an atmosphere of positive energy. Its fragrance heals many diseases and keep away bad odor.
  • Fumes arising from Agarbatti invites God to earth. Its fragrance provides spiritual vibrations during prayers. The beautiful and divine smell lifts the spirit of the devotees and clears their minds from ill thoughts.
  • Shri Tulsi Agarbatti's fumes drive away mosquitoes, flies andother insects. Its fragrance helps to destroy virus and Vastu dosha.
  • Its fragrance purifies the atmosphere. The holy smoke prevents unwanted bad energy and bad spirit from entering the home.
  • Its fragrance improves our mood by avoidinng sadness and depression.
  • Its fragrance gives mental peace and happiness during worship.
  • It removes all the negative vibrations from our surroundings.

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