Herbal Honey

Herbal Honey

Enriched With Kesar, Tulsi and Ginger

The ancients of Vedic civilization considered honey one of nature's most remarkable gifts to mankind. Modern research indicates that honey possess unique nutritional and medicinal properties.

For many centuries, honey has been used in vital alternative medicine of Ayurveda. It is beneficial for all age group of people for promoting growth and general health.

Miraculous features of Honey: According to the text of Ayurveda, honey is one of the most easily digested forms. Honey is a boon to those with weak digestion. Honey is considered as an all – purpose medicine for all types of diseases. Honey is one of the finest source of heat and energy. Honey is a tone reformer, good for eyes. Highly effective for cough, leprosy, disinterest, hemorrhoids, worms, thirst, vomiting, diarrhea, tuberculosis. Honey helps to enhance beauty and make the skin soft and glowing. Honey strengthens the weak heart and excellent remedy for skin disorders such as boils, pimples, ringworm and scabies.


  • Never consume honey mixed with equal quantity of oil, water or ghee.
  • Taking hot honey can be fatal, so avoid consumption heated honey. Honey should not be consumed while working in hot environment or place where you are exposed to more heat.
  • Avoid taking honey with meat, fish, egg, jackfruit, radish, leafy vegetables, sugar, jiggery and ice.
  • 50gm. of honey should be taken 2-3 times a day. Children shouldn’t be given more than ½ tea spoon of honey.
  • Appropriate amount of honey should be consumed by old age people and people who recovered from chronic disease.
  • Licking honey mixed with 2-3 drops of Shri Tulsi helps to relieve fever, cough, common cold, flu, malaria, stomach ache, jaundice, blood pressure etc.
  • At night, drink one glass of luke warm water mixed with honey it will help to clean your stomach in the morning. Taking one pinch of celery (Ajwain) powder with one table spoon of honey thrice a day helps in relieving stomach disorders.
  • Applying paste of honey on forehead provides relief from headache within few minutes. Applying honey in eyes with the help of skewer (like kajal) helps to relieve eye disorders.

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