Aloe Sanjivani Juice

Aloe Sanjivani Juice

Enriched with Aloe-Vera, Amla, Harad Giloy

An excellent combination of Amla, Hard , Baheda Giloy can cure all the three vitiated doshas like, vata, pitta and kapha, As well as it works as a rejuvenating agent. It helps to remove toxins and various other undesirable accumulations from the body. Nourish the tissues by increasing digestion and regulating the metabolism, it strengthens all physiological systems. It also acts as a very good antioxidant.

Useful as generalized body tonic for all age groups. Helps other vital function of the body to remain fit. Purifies blood. Keeps skin fresh & glowing, increases hair growth, red blood cells & boosts memory.

Dosage : Take 30ml. in the morning (empty stomach) and 30ml. two hours after dinner or as directed by the physician.

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1089 1 500 ml 375

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