A man of vision, a man who dared to dream and a man who achieved; Dr. Ashok Bhatia is a man who wasn’t born with a golden spoon. He was born in a middle-class family where survival was the only goal, but he made sure that wasn’t the end. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Science and took up a job to support his family. Even while studying he did odd jobs to pay his college fees and save investment to start his own business. After completing his education, he started working as a salesman in Transport Company on a monthly salary of Rs.25/- only. After that he worked as a school teacher for some time, worked in Food Corporation of India for four and half months and then joined State Bank of India and worked there for 10 years.

Finally, in 2007 Father-Son duo started a multi-level networking marketing company known as International Marketing Corporation Pvt. Ltd with an aim to become first Herbal Company in India where anybody and everybody can work. The shortcomings in the life of Dr. Ashok Bhatia made him sensitive towards people with limited resources, and he wanted to start an enterprise that gives an opportunity to everyone irrespective of his education or financial background to start his own business and excel in Life. IMC incorporates the vision of Dr. Ashok Bhatia to contribute towards,” wellness and growth of the society” and has made it a mission to help people to grow to their maximum potential.

In the words of Dr. Ashok Bhatia,” Let your shortcomings remind you of the opportunities lying ahead, let your shortcomings make you a person who is fearless and determined to achieve whatever he sets his eyes on and Let your shortcomings be a stepping stone to success. So wear them like a Badge and keep moving to fulfil your dreams.”

Dr. Ashok Bhatia


In a small Store, a big dream was conceived that transformed the life of many people. Mr. Satyan Bhatia is a passionate person who wanted to soar high and explore the unexplored. After completing his post graduation in Masters of Business Administration he wanted to start an enterprise that promotes the heritage of India, helps to eradicate diseases in an effortless and pocket-friendly manner and also gives livelihood to everyone. So he walked the road less taken and thrived to bring back ancient secrets of Ayurveda for robust health and dynamic lifestyle.

In 2007 along with his father, he embarked on a journey that was driven to enlighten people about the rich history and secrets of health in Ayurveda. International Marketing Corporation Pvt. Ltd is a company driven to help people start their own business without any investment or educational background. This novel concept of promoting herbal products without any hassle of investment or loan was an idea that was a win-win situation for both the company and people. His aim was simple to make a sustainable company that helps people to develop and grow in their life, and this will automatically help in making a fair and stress-free society.

As Mr. Satyan Bhatia says,” For a Luxurious Life it is essential to have a Healthy body and a stress-free mind. So we aim to provide both a Healthy Body that perseveres to work hard and a stress-free mind that creates innovative ideas with the help of Herbal Products. So let’s join hands and grow together.”

Satyan Bhatia

Managing Director


Ms. Veena Bhatia

Care & Share Welfare Society

Ms. Anshul Bhatia

Vice President
Care & Share Welfare Society

Mr. Rajeev Bansal

International Herbal Corp.

Mr. Sanjiv Nischal

International Overseas Corp.

Mr. Akhil Kapoor

IMC Herbal Cafe

Mr. Dheeraj Singh

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
International Marketing Corp.

Mr. Vinod Kumar

GM- Export
International Marketing Corp.

Mr. Rakesh Mishra

Chief Manager- Accounts
International Marketing Corp.

Mr. Manjit Singh

Chief Manager- IT
International Marketing Corp.

Mr. Pankaj Bhardwaj

GM- Call Center & Dispatch
International Marketing Corp.

Ms. Sarita Singh

General Manager
Haridwar Warehouse

Ms. Bharti Pahwa

Head- IW & Cosmetic Division

Mr. Sandeep Verma

Manager- Grievance Cell
International Marketing Corp.

Mr. Sunil Kumar Vadera

Manager- Administration(PRO)
International Marketing Corp.