IMC is an Indian Direct Selling Company that uses multi-level marketing model that aims to eliminate middlemen and sells a variety of herbal products primarily in the health, beauty and home care sector. IMC has its own team of Bio- pharmacists, Ayurvedic doctors, Professors, Scientists and expert advisors. IMC is first in India to introduce organic Ayurvedic patented herbal, health, beauty and personal care products.IMC products are Organic without any traces of animal fat, superior quality and have International Standards that will boost your overall health and keep diseases at bay.


IMC has collaborated with International Herbal Corporation Pvt Ltd, Haridwar who are exclusively manufacturing herbal products for IMC. It was established with an aim to produce organic products that are 100% vegan. All products are approved and certified by the Ayurvedic Department of Uttrakhand government. The products are manufactured in 100% air conditioned atmosphere under the guidance of doctors and scientists. The products are manufactured by using automatic and modern machinery in a hygienic environment. These Ayurvedic products can also be taken in combination with medicine prescribed by the doctor and will not pose any harm or side effects to the person.


International Overseas Corporation (IOC) is a part of IMC focused on bringing innovative healthcare and lifestyle products to enhance the living standard of the people of our country. We hunt for innovative products and technologies from across the world, perform thorough research on them and bring them at the disposal of our fellow Indians. We put all our efforts to deliver premium quality products at affordable price. Our mission is to make unique and rare international healthcare and lifestyle products available in India.


International Packtech Corporation is a subsidiary company of IMC. It is a packaging and printing company which takes care of proper printing and packaging of the products. It is imbibed with machines of latest technology which is managed by highly skilled team guaranteeing consistent quality and finish. From posters to mono cartons and sea boxes, IPM is responsible for packaging of the products in premium quality boxes to avoid any sort of loss in transit or damage due to humid conditions. The core team of the company is working relentlessly to provide fast and premium services in an innovative and budgeted manner.

IMC Care n Share

IMC was formed with an aim to do their bit for uplifting the society. Keeping the aim of IMC in mind, we have launched IMC Care N Share Welfare Society that is committed to serving the underprivileged ones. The society will facilitate various social activities and extend support to the poor and destitute and help to make uplift their standard of Living. Care N Share Welfare Society has launched its operations under Mrs Veena Bhatia who is the President of the society and Dr Neelam Bhatia General Secretary of the society. They have organised blood donation camps, donated utilities and clothes to poor and destitute and also adopted children to support their education and assist them to make a better future.

IMC Inspiring World

Inspiring World is an IMC’s undertaking which has been established with a sole purpose to train and inspire the associates of IMC.  A person can realise his full potential if only he is confident and capable of leading. We at IMC believe in creating a pool of leaders that will not only take their own responsibility but also support us to transform the society.

Inspiring World organises training sessions for the associates, seminars and various cultural events to motivate and inspire the world. The Key Speakers of this society are Dr Ashok Bhatia and Mr Satyan Bhatia who are always there to motivate the enthusiastic associates and help them to fulfil their dreams.

IMC Herbal Cafe

Nowadays farmers use Urea, Fertilisers and Pesticides for speedy growth of the farm produce and to keep them weed free. But these chemicals are not only harmful to animals but also human beings leading to many genetic disabilities. Similarly, when we consume soups, juices or other farm products thinking that these are healthy and fibrous but in reality, they have already lost their nutrient content due to the use of chemicals.

Herbal Café is an Endeavour by IMC that provides herbal coffee, tea, juice or soups to the consumers. These products are not only organic but also delicious to taste with high nutrient content. The aim of this café is to take care of the health of the people by not compromising with the taste and providing 100% herbal and vegan products.

IMC Healthy Homes

IMC Healthy Homes is an effort to encourage healthy living with the help of Ayurveda ensuring a life span of 100 years without any disease and drugs. It is a world class fully furnished studio apartments that include everything from the health club to the spa everything that one dreams about for a comfortable life. We are committed to providing a unique health and wellness destination where one can enjoy and distress with different packages of Ayurveda and Naturopathy therapies. It is one of its kind concepts that enables you to experience nature, relax and de- stress and take a break from the busy and the hectic lifestyle which has gone deep into our roots and affected our system.