Fifty: the latest Thirty

The ardent desire to stay young and energetic, being a starlet at 50 is a dream hard to achieve. But what if you get an elixir that gives you a new lease on life and ceases the ageing process?

  • Posted Mar 02, 2017

The dusk of human life brings along with itself changes that are hard to tackle. Like falling of leaves in the autumn, we human also wear out and age. Graying of hair, lower level of energy, sagging skin and wrinkles makes us cringe, and slowly depression creeps in. The ardent desire to stay young and energetic, being a scarlet at 50 is a dream hard to achieve. But what if you get an elixir that gives you a new lease on life and ceases the ageing process?

Beat your fifty age bracket!  

Stay break free and reverse the ageing process by following simple yet fruitful tips:

  • Talk to your Stylist: The first thing you should do is to find your stylist to correct certain fundamental loss by strengthening your hair volume, colouring your hair, remove dark spots and wrinkles on skin and much more. You should also pay attention to loose neck skin, double chin, sagging jaw lines and forehead wrinkles to correct it by using Herbal Aloe Cream by IMC. A professional will mark the problematic areas and suggest a solution that is long lasting. Rather than going for heavy moisturizers, opt for something light and subtle moisturizers. The tinted ones will make your dried and pale skin glow and blush.

  • Stock on Nutrients: No more crash dieting or living on fruits and salads. As you grow old, you need more energy; so support your body and build up metabolism by consuming the right amount of fats. Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid that needs to be part of your everyday diet and rather than popping pills you can consume salmon, nuts and seeds. They will not only keep you healthy but also keeps the heart strong. One herbal remedy to keep your heart strong and blockage free are Heart Strong Tablet by IMC that helps in thinning the blood and improves blood circulation.

  • Shield your skin: It is time to start with your new skin-care on a regular basis. There are natural products available to make your skin look young and fresh. Those natural products can also reduce wrinkles and age spots on your face. Exfoliate your way to beauty and let nature take care of your fifty-something Regular exfoliation will not only remove the dead skin but will also renew collagen. Face Mask by IMC will cease the sagging of skin and acts as sun block.

  • Nutritious Diet Regimen: Today, most of us fail to take a healthy diet rich in minerals, vitamins and nutrients essential to make us look young, healthy and energetic. To gain back your youth look, you should definitely take fresh fruits and vegetables and stock up on Vitamin C. Include walnuts, strawberries and blueberries in your diet, as they contain calcium and Vitamin D that are required for healthy skin and long life. Include whole grains, olive oil and food rich in Vitamin B12. It is essential to stock up on multivitamins to stay energized and prevent joint pains. Vita Diet Tablets by IMC is perfect to restore the lost nutrients and live an active life.


Better late than never!

You always have the door open, regardless of what age you are now to make you look young. Besides all the above-said tips, there is still very important tips to follow and which is, keep smiling. This is not just a mutual sentence to encourage you, but scientifically, smiling triggers the nerves associated with your facial expression and boost the blood flow, which ultimately makes a person look beautiful and young. So in your fifties take pride in yourself and redefine yourself.