Winter Hacks to lose weight

Losing weight is a soul shattering thought for women especially before starting college, before the wedding, post delivery and basically throughout the life.

  • Posted Dec 30, 2016

Losing weight is a soul shattering thought for women especially before starting college, before the wedding, post delivery and basically throughout the life. Nowadays a woman having a hearty meal is a very rare occasion and counting calories before ordering in a restaurant, keeping track of daily calorie intake and Yo-Yo diet a normal scenario.  Initially, only women were health conscious, but now even men have started becoming aware, and fitness centres have become their temples and trainers are the most worshipped deities.  Weight Loss anyway frustrates people, but when the journey begins in winter, it crushes all the New Year Plans and becomes a Herculean Task. But if losing weight is your last resort; so why not take it to your stride and do it in an easy and effective manner?

Adopt these simple hacks to lose that festive belly this winter:

  • Ayurvedic Transformation: Have you ever seen a hermit with paunch belly? Life is simple and weight loss is not a not a Herculean task. It’s all about simple living and mindful eating. Watch what goes on your plate and as the wise say one should only eat a handful for a longer and healthy life. Therefore, opt for food that is light, grown on trees, less spicy and opt for IMC’s Herbal Tea rather than caffeine drinks.
  • Intermittent Fasting: World of dieting has a popular myth that body goes into starvation mode while fasting. Let’s debunk this myth and bring out the facts. Fasting is different from starving, and body actually detoxifies itself while fasting rather than storing fat. One should start with fasting once or twice a month and should have water every hour or two. It will help to release the toxins from the body and make you feel lighter. Add a few drops of Shri Tulsi by IMC to make detoxification process faster and free you from chronic constipation.
  • Burn it, Sweat it and lose it: Losing weight is directly related to your metabolism. If you think that fad diet will make you lose weight without physical exercise then, unfortunately, you are also a victim of scams that promote losing without moving an inch. Adopt this simple hack of working out regularly and sweat to burn fat and trigger fat loss. The rationale behind working out is that an active body will have a high metabolic rate that will boost up weight loss process. But do not miss post-workout IMC’s Kesar-Pista milkshake or smoothie or lemon water with herbal honey by IMC to energise you and give you a daily dose of protein.
  • Visualization Process: Imagination is the beginning of all creations. Spend few minutes in solace and visualise yourself fit and fabulous. It will not only take you to your happy place but also distress your mind. Research has proved that people with high level of stress tend to gain weight and lose their tendency to get back in shape as the mind is getting signals that you are suffering from Visualization process along with Detox Foot Patch by IMC will relax your nervous system and rejuvenate you to perform better and achieve the desired results.
  • Start Sleeping rather than Snoozing: Hectic lifestyle and disturbed sleep pattern makes your mind dull and body sluggish. A person that sleeps late at night will be twice as hungry as a person who sleeps at the same time every day and gets at least 7 hours of undisturbed sleep. Use Pain Away Cream by IMC to soothe the aching joints and muscles and wake up energised. So, rather than snoozing your alarm clock every five minutes have a proper and a relaxed sleep.


Undoubtedly, winter is a time to cuddle up and enjoy bonfire, it is a time to gorge on sweets and food that gives warmth. But with a disciplined lifestyle and mindful living one can not only lose weight in winters but can also attain svelte figure to flaunt in summers.