These DIY solutions are going to take care of your Acne Problem, for Eternity!

Skin issues are not chronic and with smart hacks can be cured without spending a fortune.

  • Posted Jan 09, 2017

The clock struck 12, and your little kid turns Adolescent. Puberty, a stage that portrays the onset of changes in a youngster's life from Physical to Emotional and when an unpleasant skin inflammation raises its head it is stunning than a monster or an apparition. Skin begins to confront changes like the development of facial hairs, open pores and Acnes. Earlier, individuals used to think about skin inflammation as an indication of pubescence, but now with a sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits and lack of proper nutrition has made our skin pale, wrinkled and has set up a field for acnes to sprout.

Skin inflammation is something that happens because of 3 primary reasons to be specific:


  1. Lifestyle choices: What’s inside shows outside, so eating junk food or sedentary lifestyle or disturbed sleeping pattern is a major contributor to skin issues.


  1. Polluted Environment: All day long we travel, move around in pollution, but seldom we realise that it has adverse on skin. If the skin is left unattended, it will wither out or lead to acne breakout.


  1. Hormonal Disorder: Ensure your hormonal profile has no vacillations as it will catastrophically affect our face leading to dry skin, darkening of complexion, patches, etc.

So why not attempt a few grannies facts originating from your kitchen for ever glowing skin? Look at these DIY Solutions to say goodbye to Acnes and this time until the end of time!


  • Honey Oatmeal Mask: Honey is not just to unwind a sore throat, but rather it also has anti-microbial properties that will make your face shine and shoo away acne break out overnight. Mix IMC’s Honey with Oatmeal and apply Honey Oatmeal Mask for 30 minutes and you will get assuaged from hurting skin break out's and swollen face.


  • Elixir from Milk and Yogurt Blend: When the nectar was stirred from the sea first polluting influences were tossed out. Likewise, when you utilise Milk and Yogurt Elixir, it will expel every debasement from the pores and layers of skin gathered from the polluting environment. Additionally, for speedier impact add honey to the solution and feel the non-abrasiveness.


  • Heal it with Echinacea: Now many will raise eyebrows as Echinacea Tea is generally prescribed for weight reduction or detoxification. Yes, you heard it right! Applying of Echinacea Tea on the face will mitigate the injuries as it has incendiary properties that decrease flaws and gives an even skin surface.


  • Cool down with Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is viewed as one of the best home remedies that keeps the skin break out free furthermore lightens the dark circles and gives fair complexion. Aloe Face Cleanser by IMC is an effective solution that cleans the pores, removes tanning and makes the skin look radiant.


  • Aloe Vera Face Mask: Aloe is a natural remedy for most of the health issues. Skin issues can be resolved by regular application of Face Mask by IMC enriched with Aloe Vera. Use herbal skin toner before applying the mask and leave the face mask for 15 minutes for radiant and acne free skin. It will also tighten the skin and reduce dark lines.


Skin issues are not chronic and with smart hacks can be cured without spending a fortune. Simply utilise these basic handcrafted cures that are hundreds of years old that are tried and tested to keep the skin inflammation or any skin issue at a manageable distance, but along with these remedies, it is essential to keep a check on diet and have an undisturbed sleep pattern.