About IMC Inspiring World

“What is knowledge without confidence? What are skills without confidence? What is life without confidence?”

Everybody has a reservoir of untapped talents if used in an effective manner will make wonders for them and make their dream come true. But seldom are we aware of our hidden talents and even rare is the occasion we stand up and showcase our talents. Inspiring World is set up to help associates to wake up their dormant potential and infuse in every individual confidence to make the miracles happen in their life.

Inspiring World is IMC’s undertaking which has been established with a sole purpose to train and inspire the associates of IMC.  A person can realise his full potential if only he is confident and capable of leading. We at IMC believe in creating a pool of leaders that will not only take their own responsibility but also support us to transform the society.

With the help of training sessions, seminars and various cultural events to motivate and inspire the associates; Inspiring World helps the associates to shun their fears and inhibition and live life king size. The Key Speakers of this society are Dr Ashok Bhatia and Mr Satyan Bhatia who are always there to motivate the enthusiastic associates and help them to fulfil their dreams.

Motive :
To give complete knowledge, skill and guidance to those who wish to be successful and to make learning as an experience full of passion and enthusiasm.

Inspiring world has a team of experienced and professional persons from different areas that organize Training Programs and provide Promotional Tools for IMC Associates.


Our training programs are based on specific skills required for continuous growth of Business like Relationship management, Excellent communication, To connect people into your group, To observe the development of the people.

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We at Inspiring World have many experienced and excellent trainers, who are passionate to share their knowledge and experience with others.

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We at Inspiring World are doing research regularly and providing Promotional Products for IMC Associates.

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Know more about what is ahead and don’t let the golden opportunity slip away.

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What you missed? Check out the latest offers and training inside.

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